Women's Ministry

Bible Study Classes


Loving Well, by Beth Moore

Tuesdays at 9:15am  

Some people are harder to love than others. Loving Well, a 4-session Bible study from Beth Moore encourages women to look to the unconditional love they have experienced in their relationships with God while extending love to others. She talks about the different types of people - those who are a joy to love, those who are difficult to love, and those who are humanly impossible to love.

 Childcare available during Tuesday 9:15am class. Free will donation encouraged.


Surprised By Suffering 

Tuesdays at 9:15am 

Join Pastor Lee Freshour as he discusses how, in our own pain and suffering, we learn to love others better through their hardships. In this class we will discuss God's purposes in permitting pain and suffering.

This class is large group, teaching style. There is no workbook needed, just you and a Bible. 


Ordinary, How to Turn the World Upside Down, by Tony Merida

Wednesdays at 6:45pm  

Ordinary is not a call to be more radical. If anything, it is a call to the contrary. The kingdom of God isn't coming with light shows and shock and awe, but with lowly acts of service performed during the normal rhythms of life. Ordinary encourages participants to move into a life of mission and justice—speaking up for the voiceless, caring for the single mom, restoring the broken, bearing burdens, welcoming the functionally fatherless, and speaking the good news to people on a regular basis in order to change the world.
The following six sessions make up the essential contents of Ordinary:

1. Everyday Justice: Trading Sensationalism for Ordinary Christianity
2. Neighbor Love: How Justified Sinners Show Compassion in Word and Deed
3. Kingdom Hospitality: How the King’s People Welcome Others
4. Care for the Vulnerable: How the Father’s Children Love the Fatherless
5. Courageous Advocacy: How God’s People Speak Up for the Voiceless


Other Opportunities

Revelation Wellness Fitness Class

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:15am

Join us for a fitness class that is not your typical gym class. These classes are designed for ALL fitness levels and provide modification levels to suit everyone. There is a place for YOU here! 

Love God, Get Healthy, Be Whole, Love Others.

Childcare available. Free will donation encouraged.


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