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Because You Know

A look at how the things we believe should change our behavior. This series will spend 5 weeks looking through John's writings in 1 John at how we should live out our faith.

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Eight messages based on the topics written in from our congregation about what they would like to hear.

Life With Others

Often we choose to love those it is convenient to, but scripture is always calling us to do life not just alone with God, but also with others. This series will look at a number of the "others" we are challenged to do life with.

He Is Risen (Easter 2017)

As Jesus dies on the cross, 3 different groups respond to what they have witnessed and then, He rises from the grave and offers us the ability to do the same.

Focused - Jesus' Last Moments

The end of Jesus' life shows us some of what was most important to him, and what should maybe be most important to us. 


John the Baptist is quoted as saying that "Jesus must Increase, I must decrease." In this series, we look at a number of areas of life we hope to see Jesus increase in.