Current Series




Jesus' brother James lets us know that Elijah was "a man like us" but was used by God in extraordinary ways. We'll look at how we can be used by God powerfully as well.

On Course

A look at what it means to be pointed in the precise direction God would want us to be, both individually and corporately as a church.

Healthy Relationships

A 3 week look at what God's behaviors toward us show us about how we can have healthy relationships with everyone. 

Hope Has Come

God's People have always been looking to Him with hope for their time. We'll spend a few weeks looking at what the Old Testament people were hoping for before finding that hope fulfilled in Christ.

The Psalms

 A look at the many different emotions God's people feel and express in the Pslams. We will take a focused look on how God's people remain in relationship with him through a variety of different emotions.